From DJ Lex to Designer Lex

A little Monday motivations for you, my story (in a nutshell).

I get asked all the time: how did you guys start working together? I just love the story of how I ended up in Nashville working with sis. It’s a fun one, here goes!

I moved to NYC from Las Vegas when I was 21 years old to pursue my dream of becoming a world renowned House music DJ. Wikki wikki! 

Well, that was short lived. One night while visiting a neighbor my Brooklyn apartment got broken into and my turntables and mixer stolen! They even took my piggy bank, no joke! Well I decided not to purchase new DJ equipment, and instead pursue interior design. The mom in me thanks the younger me for that decision. Lord knows late nights DJing and children don’t mix well! I attended New York School of Interior Design where the instructors inspired me beyond my wildest dreams. They were all so good and successful at what they taught. I wanted to be good, really good, and successful at my job. Random memory, but pivitol none the less: I remember my Color teacher sitting at her desk so casually cool with her feet propped up on the table in front of her, legs crossed at the ankle, and I noticed her loafers had the red PRADA strip at the heel. Everyday, her shoes were just so perfect!  I knew I had to work hard so I could successful enough to casually wear PRADA shoes everyday, not quite there yet, but working on it! Living and learning in New York puts you in this mind set that you can do anything, aka the New York State of Mind. Well I set my mind to a bunch of things. My husband thought I was losing it! I would come home with a new idea on the regular! In addition to my design classes, I took acting classes, I started writing, and I got my real estate license. I always wanted more! Fast forward ten years and two babies. I visited Alana in Nashville where she was working in new construction. Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in our country and I could tell she needed my design expertise. After living apart for my twinny twin twin for a decade, my family decided to make the move. Since I was leaving NYC, the city of dreams, I had to make our move worth it! This is where all my bright ideas shone through. Remember those acting classes? All that writing? My real estate license? Yea, I put it all to good use. I wrote up a show pitch feauring my sister as THE REALTOR and me THE DESIGNER and BAM, Listed Sisters were born! 

Alana and I have bought, sold, renovated, and or flipped over 50 homes for our clients in the past two years here in Nashville. I’d say we are pretty good at our job! And LOVE what we do! 

Moral of the story, no dream is too big, you can have it all with hard work, persistence and focus! Never stop learning. I can’t stress the importance of continued education in anything you do. To be successful you have to stay current. 

Hope this week rocks! Happy Monday!  

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