The Kitchen Appliance quad-fecta

I rarely come across a kitchen renovation that doesn't need one or more new appliances.  My home's kitchen remodel is no exception. A new appliances package alone can sometimes make a dated kitchen feel updated instantly.

I'm sure you have heard the phrase "The kitchen is the heart of the home". If that's the case, our new home needs some serious cardio work! It is currently yellow and white and we just removed the floral wall paper boarder. While it is clean as a whistle, it all has to go! I called up Habitat for Humanity, and they are coming to take this well kept kitchen to a new home. 

Deciding on an appliance package was fun! One thing we knew for sure was that we wanted to go with black stainless appliances. That did help narrow our search down some. 

Counter depth vs Standard refrigerator. I am a stickler for counter depth fridges. Bottom line, they really help streamline a kitchen. it didn't take long hours for me to settle on our fridge. We were browsing options when I opened the KitchenAid French Door Counter Depth fridge and immediately fell in love! I imagine this thing filled with tons of pretty sparkling water and perfect party trays of fruit and cheese and finger sandwiches, then I remember I have two little ones and live a real life and I know it will be filled with milk, pickles, broccoli and left over spaghetti, but I am still happy! I mean look at this thing! After the fridge was decided on, it was a piece of cake to finish our appliance package.



Slide In vs. Freestanding range. A freestanding range has the knobs on a panel on the back of the range, and a slide in range has the knobs on the front which provides a sleeker look. I am super excited to go from an electric range for the past 4 years, back to a gas range! I LOVE the look of our new KitchenAid range! 



Moving on to the dishwasher; Sticking with KitchenAid they offer a peek through window option. It was tempting, but I figured I don’t need to watch my dishes get washed, so we went with the straight forward option that has the awesome modern handle to matches the rest of the appliances.



Last but not least, while I wish I was someone who didn’t have a use for a microwave, I am not. KitchenAid offers a great convection option that does everything an oven can do, but we decided to save a few bucks and go with the straight forward microwave that completed the package. It's going to be in our dry bar area and we plan on building a custom wood hood for above the range. 

The black stainless is so mod and chic I can't wait to see it all come together.  


Now to get my kitchen deconstructed and put back together! 

Feel free to leave any comments and questions about these or any appliances below.    



The kitchen I am currently working with, updates coming soon 



*All opinions expressed in this post are completely mine. This is not a sponsored post.