Gray Paint Picks

Is it gray, or grey? One thing is for sure, gray is such a versatile color, it can work in pretty much any space. There are cool grays, warm grays, grays with an undertone of color. 

The following are some of my favorites from Sherwin Williams. Keep in mind, this is just the tip of the gray iceberg!

Repose Gray SW 7015. This is my go to gray hands down. It's the perfect slightly warm gray. And works almost anywhere.

Passive Gray SW 7064. This is a nice cool gray that makes a space feel clean and crisp. It has a slight blueish undertone. Here you can see the same space, painted Passive Gray, in different lights. Color can change so much from one angle to the other. 

Worldly Gray SW 7043. This is one of my favorite go to "greige" colors. For all of you wondering what on earth is greige, greige is a mix between grey and beige. It works when grey is too grey and beige is too brown.

Misty SW 6232. This definitely has a serious blue undertone, but not enough that is screams blue. It is quite subtle and soothing!  

Agreeable Gray SW 7029. Another great greige. This is the perfect neutral to re-paint your home when you want a blank canvas for yourself, or right before you sell. 






Lastly Gauntlet Gray SW 7019. This is a great darker gray. It looks lovely on these cabinets and pairs beautifully with marble.