Master Bedroom Recipe




Every room has a recipe when it comes to design. Alana and I speak at a lot of home shows where I break down rooms into recipes and I have had a lot of positive feed back from attendees. On that note, I have decided to go room to room and share my recipes with y'all. Starting with the Master Bedroom Recipe.

This list can help you create a bedroom that will have you dreaming about bedtime all day long. 

  1. An upholstered headboard can help soften a bedroom and make your bed oh so inviting. 
  2. Night Stands aka Side Tables. If you want to be safe, matching side tables are and beautiful way to anchor your bedside.
  3. Table lamps and bedside accents. Here is a link to a detail blog entry about styling that bedside!
  4. Beautiful Bedding is a must. I always say if you splurge anywhere, bedding should be the place. You retire to your bed and wake up in your bed most days. I LOVE the look of an all white bed. It is just dreamy. If you are going all white be sure to introduce texture. Having fun with bedding is a great way to introduce color into a bedroom.
  5. Don't stop at bedding! You need throw pillows and throws to complete the look. Accent pillows that match or contrast with the bedding are a nice extra layer of design and the throw is the cherry on top. Throws are another great opportunity to add either color or texture, or both!
  6. Lighting! If your room has the ceiling height, put up a gorgeous chandelier! Updating lighting can be a way to give new life to a room without any renovations at all. 
  7. Wall decor: Art or mirrors are great above a bed or above your night stands. The possibilities for this are endless. My old master had mirrors above my night stands, and an awesome reclaimed wood piece we made from some old barn wood above our bed. Not sure what we will be going back with since one bedside has a window next to it and the other doesn't!
  8. If you have the room for a bench or a couple upholstered stools at the end of a bed, go for it! 
  9. Finish the space off with a plant (or two or three) They really help make a room feel fresh.


I am super excited to be getting my new master bedroom together! I just ordered this light fixture! Just have to patiently await its arrival, paint and done! Can't wait to share pics!




The bedroom is the perfect place to find your design personality! Make it yours.  

Happy designing!